Our Vision

Yun Ya (娟 也), which means “being beautiful and graceful” was born from the vision of bringing East and West together.  In beautifully crafted products, the natural qualities of the five elements in the lunar calendar horoscope (Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal, and Water) are harnessed through essential oils and aromatherapy.

This vision is the reflection of my life story, having been born in Korea, brought up in Latin America and now living in the United Kingdom.  Growing up, I thought that East and West were worlds apart and conflicting, but as I learnt to embrace the best from each world, I realised that it is more powerful to harness what is great from each and make it my own.  This is a message I would like to give my children to empower them to face an increasingly complex world.  Yun Ya is the beginning of the journey unifying the “East” and “West” in me and others.

I hope you will join me in this journey.

Seung Yun

The Five Elements

Since the earliest dynasty, Eastern philosophy has been built on the foundation of the five elements.  These cosmic building blocks of Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal, and Water are responsible for ruling universal harmony.  And it is believed that they each bestow unique benefits to an individual based on the time and year they are born.  To learn more about your ruling element, simply click here.  Then harness their elemental power for yourself by discovering which Yun Ya product is best suited for you.

Honest Products

Each Yun Ya product is meticulously formulated and crafted to capture the distinctive essence of the five elements.  By careful blending luxurious essential oils with the finest natural and organic ingredients, we bring out each element’s unique body and mind enhancing qualities.  Our products are free from artificial additives, artificial fragrances and parabens.  We do not test on animals.  And, we’ve made every effort to source from local English suppliers.  You can rest assured that our body washes are as soothing for the conscience as they are for the skin.  Our products are Made in England.