Welcome to the first blog post of Yun Ya!


It has been an exciting few months leading up to the launch of Yun Ya and I have been blown away by the amount of support I have received from both family and friends, as well as strangers, that have kindly taught and guided me on this amazing journey.  THANK YOU!


I have always been interested in the future and horoscopes, both Eastern and Western.  It is very common in Korea to get your future read and people even decide on baby’s names, based on what the fortune-teller suggests, to ensure a bright future.  My name was chosen in this way.


Since my first range of body washes are inspired by the five elements in the lunar calendar horoscope, I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate the first five blogs to each of the elements.  And without giving my age away (almost!) I am going to start with Fire.


Fire is both my ruling element (based on my sign) and my personal element (based on the year I was born). You can find out more about your element here by inputting your date of birth.


Fire is passionate about life. On the positive side, this passion can manifest as enthusiasm, charisma, spontaneity, and versatility.  Fire people are said to be intelligent, ambitious and adventurous.  However, the same characteristics could lead to a negative manifestation in restlessness, impatience, impulsiveness and manipulation.  Fire people could be perceived as aggressive and dominating, and be susceptible to mood swings (my husband can attest to that and the fact that is safer to talk to me after I have had a coffee in the morning!).  There is no one truth, just a fine balancing act.

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